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Halyard GMT

Inspired by the 1950's era when non-stop air travel crossed different timezones, Jack Mason's GMT watch pays homage to one of the most iconic watch functions of all time. The objective was to capture the energy and moments of air travel while pulling colors and lighting that were reminiscent of the marketing ad campaigns during that era.



Photography, Creative Direction, Web Design

Jack Mason




In 1954, the Jet Age brought about the possibility of traveling across multiple timezones in one day. Pilots used their GMT watch to track up to three timezones at a single glance.

Soft outdoor lighting coupled with harsher studio lighting made for a fun and bold story while maintaining refinement and luxury.

The Narrative

No detail is overlooked when preparing to tell the story of the user. At the end of the day we want our clients to build stronger relationships with their customers. 


Website Design

The content is created with the website in mind for both desktop and mobile devices. Composition can make or break the web design and we take all this into consideration.

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