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With a name which dates back to 1934, GOLDTOE has continued its tradition of creating high quality socks with an attention to detail and style. The objective was to place the socks in context with the various lifestyles that a customer lives by. 


Photography, Creative Direction, Styling 


Gold Toe



07242019 - Gold Toe AW19 - LIFESTYLE1676

Telling a story with an item of clothing that is often not seen was a challenge. With the combination of set design, in-studio, and outdoor spaces, we 

were able to control the visual context of the product in relation to the brand's core values. 

Gold Toe SS20 Women_s Active 06 copy.jpg
Gold Toe SS20 Women_s Active 34.JPG
Gold Toe SS20 Women_s Active 37 (1).jpg
Gold Toe SS20 Women_s Active 13.JPG
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